Tips for building a FIFA Ultimate Team

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Tips for building a FIFA Ultimate Team

Being the most used mode in the series, FIFA Ultimate Team can be tricky to maneuver. The first few times you play your team might not be as good as you were hoping. If you are having trouble building a good team, don’t worry. If you are building a FIFA Ultimate team follow these tips. They can help you when you are trying to build a winning team.

Use the Draft

Although it is costly to use, you get a free pass the first time you use FIFA Ultimate Team. FIFA Ultimate Team Draft lets managers select world class players. You can also compete for huge prizes in tournaments. Gold packs and bonuses allow you to build you lineup with better players that can improve your lineup and playing potential. If you have already used your free pass, think about trying it again. If you are serious about building up a good team then this is a good option to get the best players you can. You can also buy FIFA coins online on many different websites, such as, if you are in a pinch  and really need some additional coins to get that last player.


How well your team plays depends on the chemistry that your teammates. The chemistry between your team is based on the relationships between your line-up. Now this will improve over time so the more they are played together the better their chemistry will get. The relationships is also affected by the nationality, club played for, division played in, and their normal position. If your team is not doing as well as you would like, look at the lineup and see if there are any tweaks that can be made to improve the way your team plays.

If you use the Draft it helps you to learn about your player chemistry. Since all the players are already in good ratings, and you don’t need to worry about stat boosts or contracts, you can solely focus on player chemistry. So focus on the player’s nationality and the league they play for to build up better team chemistry from the start.

Gold Players

Although chemistry is important so is the overall quality of your team. Quality is important when your team faces challenges in the future. So build your team around Gold players. Build the rest of your team around those players and make those players the focal point. These players are almost as important as the chemistry within your team so make sure to pick wisely.

FIFA Ultimate Team is the most played mode, and because of that people are looking for the best way to build a good team. It can be tricky at first building up a team, and a lot of it is going to be left up to trial and error. The first important thing to remember is to use your first draft, and the free one, to get a boost in the beginning. After that make sure that your team can play well together, and that the focal players have a good team built around them. Once this is completed, your team will be set. Now it is up to you.

Check out the video below for an interesting journey of building your own FIFA Ultimate Team.

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