Use TubeMate if you want easy YouTube video downloading

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Use TubeMate if you want easy YouTube video downloading

Do you love to watch YouTube videos? Are there always videos you would like to save to your own computer in case they are suddenly removed from YouTube, so you cannot watch them again?

If so, before you pay for an expensive YouTube video downloader program, you may want to check out TubeMate for Android. Not only is it one of the best downloaders for YouTube videos, it is also completely free.

Why is TubeMate a good choice? — The problem with some YouTube video downloaders is they are complicated to use. Some will also have problems downloading many videos on YouTube, while others are nothing more than a way to deliver a virus to your computer.

With TubeMate, however, you get a very fast downloader, one that is easy to use and one that is free.

How does TubeMate work? — First, you will need to download the program to your computer. It is a small program, only takes seconds to download and you can do so from any one of the many app stores online.

Once you have downloaded it, follow the instructions to install it on your computer. This also only takes a couple of minutes. Once installed, you are ready to use TubeMate to download any video on YouTube.

Open TubeMate and go to YouTube. Find the video you want to download and click the ‘Download’ button. This will then cause a screen to pop up that will ask you the resolution you want the video to be downloaded in. Just remember, higher resolutions take longer to download, while lower ones are poorer quality videos but they download much faster.

Multi-download options — TubeMate is also great if you do not have time to wait for one video after another to download, as it has a multi-download option.

That means you can choose three or four videos at once and start them all downloading at the same time. As TubeMate is fast and efficient, it will download three videos almost as fast as other apps download just one.

Converting to MP3s — If music on YouTube is one of the things you want to download to your phone or computer, you may want just the music video but you may also want an MP3 file. After all, with an MP3 file you can listen to the song just like you would listen to any other song on your phone.

TubeMate is wonderful for music as well as it has an option that allows you to download the music from a music video to just an MP3 file. As this means you do not actually download the video footage, this is even faster than downloading a music video.

Where is the best place to download TubeMate? — Do a search for the term ‘TubeMate’ and find the official website.

From there you can follow the download links to a variety of online app stores. It is then up to you to choose the app store you like the most for your TubeMate download.

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